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Am I losing my mind??

So the other day I went to the ER for back pain and this nurse I had to find a vein in my arms (which is really hard) for an IV. She kept jabbing to get it into a vein and I passed out. Keep in mind I have a history of fainting. It was rough. But skip forward to the next day. I was at my grams and she wanted to play a game. It’s like a Disney I spy game with only a deck of cards. I had never played just the card game I’ve only played with the board and characters so I told my Grama she had to show me how to play. She looked at me like she was shocked. Apparently I have played this game with her a lot. But even after she explained everything I couldn’t remember. She thinks I was messing w her but I wasn’t. Then later that night I thought about this kid that I was close too. And I couldn’t for the life of me remember his name. Finally it came to my mind but I still don’t remember playing that game that I’ve played a million times. Should I be worried??
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Well, I wouldn't think this is anything to worry about. A brief episode of two of forgetting is pretty common.  Are you tired or stressed right now?
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Yes. All the time
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