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Anti-Depressants-No Help--Now Testosterone Shots

After trying 7+ different anti-depressants over a 8 yr. peroid having no results. I found that I still had no energy,no drive,depressed, just no zest for life.  I finally had my testosterone  checked (2 times)  My total testosterone level was 195 & 203. Both low levels for a 54 yr. old male.  I just started taking testosterone injections once per week in the last 2 weeks (2 injections-1 ml)  I understand it usually takes up to 5 weeks for the full benefits.  I was wondering if any one else found this method helpful?
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Low testosterone can create the same symptoms in a man (Andropause) as a woman going through menopause.  Mood swings, hot flashes/sweats, etc.  With low testosterone you are unable to build muscle, and bones weaken.  It has worked extremly well for my husband.
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That's weird about the injections, I know there is a gel and a patch available. You might want to ask your doc :)
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My husband does and has always gotten the injections.
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