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Anti-depressant woes

Hi there, i was on Nuzac(fluoxetine) for a few years and just slowly stopped taking them by myself. During this time i lost quite a bit of weight but necer made the connection (i was overweight when starting Nuzac and am always on diets). Things started getting bad again and the doc put me on Cilift (citalopram) and told me it would "give me the munchies". I have now picked up all the weight i have lost and am wondering if i am dieting in vain? I eat very healthy but cant help overeating, and am consciously aware of my food choices due to my weight. Should i opt for a more natural drug that wont make me gain wheight?
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One of the side effects of Fluxetine is weight loss. And one the side effects of Citalopram is weight gain.

So, you just have to pick the one that's right for you. :)
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