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Has anyone taken Zoloft bc of postpartum depression ? And did it give u side effects ?
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Antidepressants always have side effects.  Sometimes a few, sometimes a lot.  Only using them will tell you how you'll react to a particular drug.  But postpartum depression is a hormonal imbalance, meaning it's temporary for most people, and antidepressants don't address hormonal imbalances.  Then, you're stuck on a drug that will be hard to stop taking and might get your brain stuck needing them.  When you know the specific cause of either depression or anxiety, I personally think it's best to try and solve the problem without medication that affects the brain.  If you can't, the meds will still be there.  But trying to adapt by seeing a therapist and working on your hormonal balance perhaps with a holistic nutritionist might be a good thing to at least try before getting on the antidepressant carousel.  As I said, if you can't fix it, the drugs will still be there to cover up the symptoms.  They aren't going anywhere.
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Thanks for the advice I will be doing that
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Hi there.  I have not personally taken Zoloft for post partum but have two close friends who did. One still takes it and find it works well for her still.  The other friend felt better after some time and discontinued medication of any sort.  While these medications can have side effects, Zoloft has a pretty good track record of being well tolerated.  As paxiled has said, that is individual though.  When you first take it, you may have some initial side effects.  You have to be patient as these start up side effects to often subside as well as it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the Zoloft to be fully working.

A new mom needs to feel better.  It's important to treat the post partum and medication is often needed.  No shame in that and you are in good company.  :>)  Ob/gyns these days are savvy in asking the right questions to know when a new mom needs help.  I'm glad you are getting help for your post partum.  I'm here if you need any help and we have terrific forums for new parents (or parents in general)--  so please stick around and let us know how you are doing!  hugs
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I wanted to add as well that it is important when we have a new baby to also not lose ourselves.  Take a little time out for yourself to relax.  Get your partner to watch the baby, call a family member or have a sitter while you go and rest, read a book, watch tv, take a glorious shower without worrying about your little one.  I also think it really helps to get exercise as often as possible.  I'm a big fan of taking baby out for a stroll if the weather is cooperating as fresh air is good for both of you and exercise is a natural stress reliever.  Or go on youtube and find an exercise video to move to.  Connect with your friends, look for new mom friends too.  And take a good multi vitamin.  These things all add up and help in their own way.  Again, good luck and hugs
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