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Antipsychotics for Depression?

Can antipsychotics worsen depression? I mean giving antipsychotics to a person who has no psychotic features   ?
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I was up and down for a while after the birth of my fourth beautiful baby.  Then one night I stayed awake all night and that was it, I plunged into a very severe depression.  I could not hold down water, struggled with an antidepressant for one month also with zanax.  

It was not getting any better, really it was very severe and I became like a skeleton and very irrational.  I changed to a top pshychiatrist she gave me anti psychotic zyprexa 5 mg +anti depressant + wham within 4 days I was completely normal! Now for maintenance (3years down the line) I just take 1.25 mg zyprexa with low dose antidepressant, it keeps me completely stable.

It saved my life
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After many years of tackling treatment-resistant depression, I gave into my doctor's advice and tried Zyprexa, an antipsychotic. Three days later, I felt normal again...a feeling so wonderful I can't put it into words. Give them a try and you may be surprised. Antipsychotics ara not just for "psychotic" people...they have many uses. Good luck!

- Ben
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OK, I will try to consult with my doctor for Zyprexa (Olanzapine). Wikipedia said FDA approved it for only Mania in bipolar patients not for depression. But I think antipsychotics also reduce depression by looking at the experiences of different people. Can Risperidone also work like Zyprexa? I am currently on it with an anti depressant.
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