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Anxiety/Panic attacks

I want to know w/out seeking help via a counselor or therapist, if keeping a daily journal would help cope and rid these anxieties that i've been feeling since May 2012?  I have seen been seen by my doctor and was medically cleared.  He suggested perhaps therapy or counseling would help, however, one is not afforded at the moment.  What other remedies can help me deal with this as time goes on.  
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Everyone is different and will respond to different treatments but if you've had a full medical work up and are fine than right there you should feel some relief knowing this is nothing that can possibly hurt you and is just uncomfortable. A journal can help. You can try exercising if you don't already (this helps a lot). As well as some belly breathing and or meditation exercising. There are a lot of great meditation audios you can download for free that are great. Most of the time people with anxiety attacks get them because of stress so anything that will help you relax can help build up stress and prevent attacks.
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Thank you. Just knowing this brings relief and comfort.  I know for a fact that i am capable of handling things on my own..hopefully.  All these self-help advice does do me good.  Yes..i do work out but perhaps i should increase more time at the gym.  Recent events in the past couple of years perhaps lead to my panic/anxiety attacks.  I feel more of the "physical symptoms" as mentioned.  I deal w/it when it does come and learning how to cope and tell myself...i will be ok.  i'm glad i joined the network.  
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