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Anxiety and depression makes me feel trapped and I need support

hi everyone i suffer with servere anxiety and tension and depressed
i need friends to talk to contact me
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Ok. You can talk to me.
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message me when u need to talk
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Hi, this Forum was created so people with depression can support each other.  We are all here for each other.  I have had everything you have, and with the help of anti-depressants, am living a near normal life.

When I joined I was very, very low, and ill.  Support here helped so much.  They are in the main really kind and helpful "friends" who know what you are going through.  We have all been there ourselves.

Just vent your feelings here.  We will listen.
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I'm 57 and have been suffering with anxiety and depression almost all my life.  I've been on & off medications & none seemed to really help me. All that seems to life my mood is making sure I have something to look forward to and to try and find something every single day to make me happy.  The drugs always made me like a zombie, though for some people they do wonders.  It's most important that the right medication & the right dosage is prescribed for you; so many doctors just generically write RX's that they feel will work for everyone & that's just sad.  I'm here to talk anytime as I need input for my problems also; I'm just such a mess right now that I cannot even think straight.  Hope you get to feeling better!
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oh God im so happy that i found people who can understand me and i can understand them for the same problem ...i know im not  alone
I feel depressed too. I feel trapped by my anxiety but I'm trying to get a hanle on it
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