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Anxiety and depression

Do anxiety and depression go hand in hand? I have bad anxiety, but other days it feels more like depression. the feeling of not being in reality or not being myself gets strong sometimes, but that could be either. I just wondered if maybe my anxiety was causing depression...or maybe i have depression causing anxiety..?
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I would check with your psychiatrist, and if you don't have one, I highly recommend you get one. Something like this needs a pdoc to handle it. They do at times go hand in hand, or there might be a different diagnosis. If what you are saying that you are not being in reality or not being yourself, this is not anxiety. There are a multitude of meds out there that can help with this, but medhelp cannot diagnosis, but provide support. I hope you can figure out what is going on. Keep in touch.
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The sooner you have a professional review your situation, the better the chances of a solution. Depression tends to keep pulling you down a bit more with time, so then it gets harder to fight it off and recover.
Write back.
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My problem is i cant get a professionals opinion because im still under 18 until later this year, and my parents wont look into one as much as i ask them. They do for a little bit, but its like they forget,or arent even trying. Ive tried to do it myself, but im under there insurance and i need to get a psychologist thats under our insurance. I dont even know where to start in looking myself.... Im pretty stuck right now, but this place has helped A    lOT
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You can see your regular doctor, for starters. Mine was competent enough that we were able to resolve my problem of depression and anxiety, (which were feeding off each other) with meds (and also my self guided attitude change brought about from reading books about a certain philosophy and depression) although everyone is different so there is no guarantee.
Maybe your doc would refer you to a psychiatrist if she feels your problem needs one, which would get your parents moving on the issue.

It isn't possible for us to diagnose you, especially on a chat board, but what you describe sounds like something that your parents would not have experience in, so it may be up to you to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Not an easy project if you are fighting dep and anxiety.

Depending on your situation, perhaps counselling will work or you may need meds. You are young, so there may be behavioral suggestions you are not aware of that can help resolve your situation, by changing your attitude. Your doc may be able to get you going in the right direction.

Write back.
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Would i be able to make an appoinment myself? My parents (mom in particular) complains about money with doctors appointments, and thats a big factor in all this. She is against anti depressants for kids my age because she thinks they make things worse.   My dad, however agrees completely and listens when i speak and tells me we will make an appointment right away and not to worry about money, but then he just doesnt do it, no matter how persistent i am. its driving me insane, LITERALLY!
It was never really depression before, that was just on and off randomly with my mood changes, but my anxiety is whats always bothered me- which has given me bad mood swings and made me not want to get out of bed at times- but the last 4 or 5 days ive just been burdened with this hopeless feeling, and horrible, deathly thoughts. I know i would never commit suicide, but i worry i will; but i know i wont. My thoughts just race and it never ends. Once this depression goes away, it will probably be something else like anger. I just dont know what to do anymore. I know i have some sort of panic or anxiety disorder, but theres so many other things mixed in. I guess maybe they come from my anxiety, but i just have no idea. I need a psychologist for all this, or at least to get a blood test to make sure its not just imbalanced hormones, which is a lot more likely at 17. Especially considering my mood swings are random and severe. My anxiety has always been in my family though.
Im sorry im rambling so much, its just that i talk to who ever will listen on here, because im sick of holding all this in. I want to know whats wrong with me!
I do have Buspar, but im scared to take it often because im worried about how it hasnt been studied on kids under 18 and since its for anxiety im scared that with depression, it will make it worse. i dont know if thats stupid or not, but i cant help but worry.
Is there anyway to check online about psychiatrists? Or maybe in a phone book...
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