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Anxiety cause of depression?

I have been posting a lot lately but I am confused on whether or not my anxiety is causing my depression or the other way around...Ive been suffering from derealization and health anxiety for about 2 weeks now as well as severe depression...Ive lost interest in just about everything and am trying to figure out what is making me so miserable the depression, anxiety or both?...Im really not happy with the way my life is going right now which is probably one of the many factors, but there has to be another reason...I feel like life has no meaning and im running outta options...On top of that im constantly worried about my health and every symptom has me stressed...Is anxiety really causing my depression?  In my opinion I havent been myself since this all started back in January...I want to go back to school for engineering but I feel so useless like I cant function as a active member of society...I am afraid of everything these days I dont why I cant manage like everyone else...I want to continue trying different coping methods but there are to many obstacles in my way ex: No health insurance, unemployed, no financial support etc...What other opportunities for support do people in my situation have?  
Am I just completly oblivious to government aid programs?...Bottom line is I need help before I lose my mind to this ongoing monster

Any feedback would be helpful
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When you have both anxiety and dep, it is a constant battle so you get very run down in outlook. It is important to get help as soon as you can, since the constant pushing you down makes it harder to come back up.
THe only thing I can offer is meds brought me out of a dep and anxiety problem by giving me a break and allowing me to remember what it is like to be happy. Hopefully someone can post some info relevant to your financial situation.
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That's a very good question. Humm... I think my anxiety came first then manifested into severe depression. I guess everyone is different. One thing is for sure... Anxiety and depression often reside together like two peas in a pod. One feeds off the other to create a beats of destruction.

What it is like to be happy? I think when you have severe depression and anxiety you find happiness in small fleeting moments. For us thay pass very fast. For exaple the smell of a wood fire, the fine taste of a crafted wine. The smile from our child that just learned something new. They only last a second, but as depressed people we must learn to savor them and hold them in our brain.

I find that the smell of a warm camp fire and a cold rum and coke give me just a tad bit of normalcy which i savor. We must find these things that offer us even one second of relief and distraction from our torment. Normalcy is the goal and in small bits it can be realized.
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Clearly a doctor needs to give you most of this information based on the observations made during an appointment. Have you been yet?

If not, where did you get all the diagnosis stuff from?

Refer to Google for Derealization. It sugests a number of possible causes of such. Sleep deprivation, drug misuse, epilepsy, head injury and more. Without such knowledge no one can even guess at your condition etc really.

You say you've been suffering a few things for about 2 weeks now, including severe depression. Sorry but 2 weeks really isn't sufficient time to be making such drastic diagnoses. 2 weeks is listed as the minimum time to allow a diagnosis of depression but the extra issues you raise would certainly take much longer to assess and diagnose.

The mention of not returning to school in January seems signifgant to me as it is the only clue you have given.

It sounds to me as if you are self diagnosing based on web info, which is usually good info, but when we do that we tend to say YES, that's me as we are not unbiased and if feeling bad we see it in every illness. Correct?

Very dangerous thing to do. You must see a doc as that will firstly alleviate the multitude of problems you have theorised on so far and secondly allow a decent assesment.

As to US health support etc, sorry I'm Australian and know little of your system.

Your basic question? I do strongly believe anxiety is the underlying illness that creates depression. I can't see depression arising without it but I do know anxiety exists as an illness without depression. So it would seem logical that anxiety is first and depression may follow.

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Ive been tested for just about everything physical to rule out anything that might be causing these symptoms...I have not gone to see a physciatrist or therapist yet which would probably be helpful but I was just diagnosed with GAD 3 months ago...I come on to this website for community support and insight from others to help me figure out what might be causing these symptoms...The reason Ive been depressed is the fact that im 21 years old and still have not attained a degree or my preferred social status...I battled with oxycontin addiction for about 2 years and quit cold turkey almost a year ago and as far as Im concerned it consumed my life...5 months after I quit I have a panic attack after smoking weed and end up in the ER...Doctors do an EKG, chest xray, bloodtest etc...Everything came back fine which was definently a relief but I cant stop worrying about my health and because of that I dont go anywhere or do anything...I just dont get why these symptoms last so long they dont seem to temporary to me...I want to be "normal" again...I want to feel like I have a purpose other than taking up space and air...Im afraid to get a job because these symptoms affect me the most when im out in public or am not in familiar surroundings...This whole thing is new to me and it seems like everything is crashing down on me and Im not prepared for all this...Thanks for taking interest in my life I appreciate it
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Sorry for the rambling and lack of sentence structure
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My mother and sister both suffer from GAD.  I believe that anxiety is an inherited trait; not caused by life experiences (similar, I suppose, to inheriting the diabetes gene).  Often, those with anxiety  disorders will try to self-medicate (seems as if that was what you did).  Please see a medical doctor as a psychiatrist (or even a competent family physician) - both my sister and mother take medication (Celexa) and it has made a huge difference in their lives.  As my mother waited a much longer time to seek help, her anxiety is greater and more difficult to control.  She also suffered much longer than need be.  Please see a doctor as soon as possible.  Frankly, I don't think  there is any other way to solve this issue.  I wish you  the best ....
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