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i had a problem, i wanted to study medicine but i quited and studied engineering whicch i feel i dont like it and i regret it always
in addition when i had a problem i keep blaiming myself that i am not intelligent i should be smarter to know this problems
at work i had problems there were no projects but since i started  i dont feel myself in, and motivated, in addition i always hate job and like own business, i am not sure if this is a true feeling or this is a mental health problem i feel like always the company will fire me and i am no qualifie for this job but honestly i keep postponing things and not concentrating at work

one psycholog told me i am passive aggressive and the other two told me there is no big problem you have to concentrate
at home i had problems since i was child no communication specially with father always afraid to talk to him openely always i feel he will blaim me

i dont know now if i am passive aggresive or it is GAD or what,  i always put dreams like syudying again medicine and so, so i dont know if i have stuied smthg else my feeling would be the same due to this problem

i need help  i am trying to help myself as per General anxiety disorder treatment trying to move negative thoughts and discard it but i feel like lost

thank you for helping
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Your selfo-esteem seems a little fragile?That's not unique on this site. Looks like you have read/experienced some CBT?Being positive & rejecting all the negatives is easier said than done ~ as you will know. I'm diagnosed as Severely Depressed/Acute, Aggitated Anxiety & Bi Polar. Been on drugs for most of the last 20 plus years ~ now I'm doing OK, thanks to the drugs/support/Psych hospital stays etc. Am certainly not cured, but can cope well enough to pass for normal in everyday life.Side effects of drugs are often unpleasant to accept, but if you want the good ones you must accept the bad. Not many options. When I've come off the meds I've relapsed quickly enough to know that it's better to remain on them. I was not able to beat my mental health problems by any means I tried, my  willpower's not lacking, but it didn't help. Hope that you can work out what to do re. your career choice soon. Go for whatever you think will suit you best. Best wishes. George
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I do believe your problem is passive-aggressive disorder along with low self-esteem. A good audiobook you can listen to is The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz & Dan Kennedy. This audiobook is extremely well designed for people with low self esteem and helped many people. It is really something good and entertaining at the same time to listen to. You can put it in your car or listen to it anytime and I am sure it can help you. There is also a paper version of the book.

I don't think your main problem is GAD.

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Note that depression can also cause anxiety and low self-esteem. Those issue should be addressed.

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how can i know what is the problem
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You know, I would say a lot of introspection is one key to figure out who is the real you and detect the problems but sometimes we all could use a hand.

The best method, I think, is knowledge therapy. You gather the more information you can about what you think can help. Psychology, introspection, etc.

Also asking for external help like maybe another psychologist can help. Sometimes it takes time to find the good one you that will make you see life like you never thought.

A good movie you can watch that will teach you and touch you at the same time is Peaceful Warrior

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
-Winston Churchill

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