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Anxious depression

Since my first panic  attack...i feel ive been stuck in that state ive been though,only i can now manage my panic attacks and they nearly dont exist anymore
howerer it still pretty annoying and it depressed me very much,...i feel like its a little hard to breathe,i actually feel like my brain lost some oxygen and thats what causes it all,and i have alot of stomach related problems,well,i wasnt diagnosed with anything about it,but i have those intense stomache aches ,and chest problems.sometimes without any specific reason,just all of the sudden,sometimes when i smoke alot of cigarettes,it makes me dizzy and my stomach hurting,itching ,same for my chest
and lately ive been thinking about how will i be able to live my life like this....it gets me really depressed,to the point i am crying and want to die...
do you have any ideas?i still havent visited a pro...but i am going soon
could it be anxiety paired with depression?hmmm
any replies would be really grateful guys!thank you in advance
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It sounds like you are very anxious, and also depressed.  The two can cause a lot of problems, but it's imperative that you see someone to find out if your emotional health is related to your physical problems.  It doesn't sound like smoking agrees with you, and that's a good thing.  Seriously, you need to see a psychiatrist, find out how much of the depression and anxiety is adding to your physical problems, and go from there.  You don't have to live your life like this, there is so much help available for you.  You just need to take that first step towards getting help, which is sometimes the hardest. Most of us have experienced what you are, and can offer support and advice, so we're gald you're here!  Your life is worth living, and know you're not alone.  Just take that first step towards getting better.  Take care.....
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Agree, at this point see a pro to find what the best solution is rather than suffering trying to self diagnose. I can't diagnose you, but I bet a doc will tell you that the chest pain is just nerves making the frightening sharp pains. I had that during my anxiety problem a few years ago, but those pains went away after the anxiety left.
Anxiety and dep can go hand in hand and feed of each other, so some meds are approved only for dep but actually work for both conditions. If your doc thinks you need meds he may prescribe dep meds when you think anxiety is the worst problem.
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I suffered from occasional panic attacks for a number of years basically when I was in a situation that I could not change or in a place where I could not easily get away.  A good deal of it is mind set.  There is an old adage "there is nothing to fear but fear itself."  Most of us panic because we feel we are in a situation from which we cannot escape.  I found it heldful to deal with the fear associated with panic attacks.  If you can accept the fact that you can survive a panic attack, you no longer fear it.  If a panic attack comes on, go with it and let it happen without flipping out.  Try deep breathing, meditation and relaxation therapy techniques.  Once you lose your fear of this phenomenon you may find that they go away.
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Thank you guys for your anwsers,i am really grateful for you all!:)
And castel,thanks for the advice,i actually did this quite alot,thats why i am not scared from panic attacks anymore,i thought exactly the same way you told me,it cant kill me,but its still scary though
months ago panic was constant,at least when i went out to the street,somehow those lights brought upon me a panic attack,is that possible???once i go outside,to this day,at first my stomach hurts like i am all nervous of something,then the other symphtoms appear slowly but sure...well not so slowly,within a miniute or two...
ive been suffering from this for 7 months now,i found out that anxiety ,depression is based on a chemical called serotonin right?my serotonin must be really low i guess right?
And Mammo thank you for your words,i will listen to your advice!:)
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It is not necessarily true that your serotonin is low. Perhaps you are just going through a special bad time and the continual stress is getting to your nerves and making the anxiety attacks.
In addition to getting professional advice, I read philosophy books until I found new ways of looking at life. I also needed meds to pull through the bad spot, but the change of outlook from my readings was useful to keep me focused on happiness when I eventually went off the meds. Everyone is different, so I suggest a trip to the library to see if anything interests you, or perhaps taking a meditation or cognitive behavior therapy course.
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I thought about eading philosophy books,good idea:)
and btw...drinking coffé raises my symphtoms...after a while i am just getting tired of the symphtoms and my head hurts too...
is there anything outside anxiious symphtoms that can be triggered (or increased)by caffeine?if no,it must be anxiety...cant think of anything else
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