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Anyone else struggle with memory?

Quite recently my memory has got really bad, coinciding with my depression getting worse. I don't forget important things or events, but it's more like I can't remember the words I want to use when I'm speaking or writing, ways to express myself properly just seem to evade me. Is this something that other depression-sufferers have?
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I find I have the same symptoms.  I was attributing that to my age.  I dont know how old you are but I am 57.  I guess it could be the depression.  My depression is REALLY bad right now.  My doctor is trying to re-adjust my antidepressants.  i actually have an appointment today.  I will ask about memory.  I call them "brain farts"  lol Just cant seem to find the word.
I'm 23 so I can't really attribute mine to age xD let me know what they say though, I have heard that depression can affect memory.
A doctor will tell you that if your work is impaired due to memory issues, it is a problem, otherwise likely just over-analysis and being overly critical of yourself. You can always see a doc for testing if you are sure it is getting worse.
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