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Anyone know anything about Dysthymia? (recently diagnosed)

I was recently diagnosed with dysthymia. I am currently in therapy and the therapist is suggesting cognitive behavioral therapy.  Anyone else have this experience? Or know anything about it?
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Dysthymia is a chronic, low grade depression.  I have suffered for years with this mood disorder.  I function, but I never really feel good.   It is a b....  I have tried various meds and therapy.  the cognitive behavior therapy rec. would be good to try.  It helps you look at things differently and helps to some extent if you have a good therapist.  I would suggest reading "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns and save yourself the money on the therapist.
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I take a combination of Prozac and Welbutrin--works great. Been taking it for about 12 years. Therapy helped--did that first many years ago.
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Cognitive therapy can work. I am a 50 year old guy. I've had a few "big" depressions in my life . . .what they call clinical depression. . . and now I have dysthymia. They tried several kinds of drugs on me and they didn't work . . . I'm not saying they wouldn't work for you. I'm reluctant to tell anybody what to do. I can tell you this though. Cognitive Therapy can work and I believe it is worth the effort because it teaches you to be aware of what's going on your head and how to steer away from it sort of . . and when you do feel better you know that it was you that did it. I also recommend some kind of exercise . . . . even just a good brisk walk as often as possible for you. I used to laugh at myself as I would march along muttering my "mantras" to myself. I believe that sunlight on your face as often as possible is important too.
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I went through that, and it worked I think.

Wow that is a long time ago.
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