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Anyone taking Celexa ?

Anyone taking Celexa ? I have bee non it for atleast 5 Months and it doesn't seem to be working ! I stopped taking it which i know is wrong and i should be talking to my Doc about it but TBH I'm am to the point where i am over it !!! It affects my daily life, I'm always sleepy, tired , faint , and looking into the future with negative thoughts( Predicting the future) . I honestly feel like i have Anxiety but suffering from depression because of it . Its really starting to annoy me now . How do you get through the day and control it ?
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You see a therapist.  You've got some replies over on the anxiety forum, but you need to learn some tools first to help control the way you're thinking.  If that works, the problem is gone.  If that doesn't work, you have to find some other route, either in alternative medicine or with medication.  Now, if you're saying you stopped taking the Celexa abruptly, and you know that's wrong, why did you do it?  How have you changed since you stopped taking it?  What you don't want to do is add to your problems, and medication can do that.  Stopping abruptly can cause withdrawal.  The being said when a drug doesn't work it's usually easy to stop taking it -- your brain isn't much changed by it or it would have worked better.  But if you're going to take meds be safe with them.  If you're going to continue using medication, see a psychiatrist.  Whatever you do, find a good psychologist and see if you can't get a diagnosis and fix this.  I did take Celexa, but we're all different so we react differently to taking meds.  One person's miracle drug is another person's nightmare, especially when it comes to the brain.  My problems had been greatly exacerbated by medication when I was put on the Celexa, so my experience won't be like it would have been before that happened.  Our lives just aren't the same so our experiences with brain-changing meds isn't the same.  The drug we all have the earliest experiences with is usually something like alcohol, and so you know that no two drinkers get the exact same response from drinking.  Same with meds.  But again, if you are going to take meds, you do need to take them safely, you have enough problems already.  See if your doc knows of a good psychologist, and move on from there.
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When taking any medication it's imperative that you work closely with your prescribing doctor.  It is often trial and error with these medications and your doctor needs and wants to know if something is wrong.  We often have to have adjustments in the dosage or even a change of medication, but work with your doctor to get this straightened out.  You don't have to feel this way.  Take care and keep us posted.
Maybe you didn't take enough for an effect, so can you tell what dosage were you on?
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