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Anything else out there that can help

Hello everyone.  I currently suffer with Depression/OCD/GAD  I take 40 mg of Prozac and 25 mg of Zolot, we are switching me over to Zoloft.  I have tried Lexepro,  Wellbutrin, Effexor (I think) but I'm running out of options.  I had a terrible breakdown today, crying and thoughts of taking all my meds cuz I'm sick of feeling like this.  Anyone know of anything else out there that is helping people.  I have had these conditions for about 23 years and only one other time have I experienced the severe problems I am now and that was 16 years ago.  I really am having a hard time finding what can help me and keep me stable, emotionally, the anxiety doesn't help so any suggestions on that would be appreciated.  Thanks
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Have you and your doctor talked about switching to a different class of drugs? Do you have a psychiatrist?  There are many meds in the Mood Stabilizer class that can work on depression and anxiety, and they work well.  Especially with your history of taking meds that don't work for long periods, which is called drug poop-out, you may have been misdiagnosed, you sound like you might be bipolar (there are 5 different types) especially having depression, OCD and GAD - common symptoms of Bipolar.  I have Bipolar Spectrum, a mild form of BP and since I switched over to mood stabilizers, they've worked quite well. The drugs have simmered down most of my mood swings.  It's only my guess, looking at your similar symptoms like mine, you may want to have an indepth discussion. There are a ton of symptoms that are "markers" for this disorder. I have learned, it doesn't matter what the label is that I have, what matters is that I get good stable treatment.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to PM me!
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What other meds are you taking? I had a terrible time with benzodiazpenes (Ativan). I had what is know as a "paradoxical reaction" to the drug. It took me a while to understand that this was happening. I thought I was losing my mind! When I finally weaned myself off of the Ativan, I fell into extreme depression that was successfully treated with Prozac. I've been taking the Prozac for six years and it has helped immensely. Getting the right medication is dependent on a persons genetic makeup and physiology. Don't give up! You can get it right and you will rediscover yourself!

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I just wanted to let you know that things are progressing along well.  I feel good today and yesterday was good too.  My doctor say's i just need to give myself a little more time and stop pushing too hard thinking everything needs to be back to normal "NOW".  He say's it doesn't work that way and it takes time.  He is a great doctor.  Although he does want me to have a different job.  I took this really stressfull job right when I was in the middle of this last breakdown,  not smart, and it has set me back.  He thinks I would be farther along if I would have given myself more down time.

Thanks for all the insight and commments, they really help.  I'm glad I joined this group.  
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I'm glad to hear you've been feeling better. Keep hanging in there. We all need to develop our own techniques for coping and moving forward. One of those things is allowing ourselves time to heal and to take it easy.

I'm glad you're here!
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start exercising.............. that does something to help you feel better in every way........it helps me and i have pretty must what you have..................start with walk for like 15 min....... work your way up to an hour if can
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I do work out everyday, well Monday through Friday.  And your exactly right it helps all the way around.  What all do you struggle with?
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