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Aprox. How long to ween off Abilify, klonipin and Lithium?

I take 5mg Abilify for about 21/2 months. Lithium 900mg for about 5yrs., and Klonipin a long time at diff dosages. Current dose for the last 21/2 month is 1mg plus one 0.5mg. I I havent't a clue so could you give me a ball park. I do realize everyone is different. Thanks
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I'd do one at a time, not all three at once.  The abilify should be the easiest because you've been on it the shortest time, but you never know.  The klonopin will be the hardest and should be done very very slowly to be safe.  But everyone is different -- some swim through, some don't.  But slow tapers are the safest.  Don't let your doctors bully you into thinking some set taper is the one for everyone -- insist on one that makes you the most comfortable.  I'd say the minimum for the Abilify should be 6 weeks, don't know about lithium, but the klonopin could take a very long time.
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Thank you. My pdoc always wants to taper off fast. Finally I learned to speak up.
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Thank you for trying with those dosages. We'll see what my pdoc comes up with this time.
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