Are there any natural depressions aids to use instead of medication?

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I am about to come off of depression medication.  
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St John's Wort is renowned as a natural alternative to antidepressants, though make sure you do your research before taking it because it can interact with certain medications such as birth control.
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Don't try any of them until you've successfully stopped your medication.  There are many of them, and they are usually used in combination, not singly, and are combined with therapy, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, etc. -- a holistic approach.  To get an overview, try a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA who uses natural medicine in her practice.
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I have found that any type of herbal supplement has made my depression worse.  I cannot take any herbs at all.  Thats just me.  I have had clinical depression my entire adult life and the correct antidepressant was the only thing that worked.  I agree with Serenwise do your research.  And dont mix herbal supplements with antidepressants.
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That depends on the supplements.  Some can be taken along with antidepressants, some can't.  The ones that can't are the ones that affect the same neurotransmitter as the medication or that interact adversely with the medication.  As for you saying you can't take any herbs at all, my guess is, you took the wrong ones in the wrong forms.  While they often don't work in cases of serious depression (of course, meds often don't work, either), they don't usually make it worse.  Sometimes the wrong ones can make anxiety worse, but not depression, unless, again, you were taking ones that were the wrong ones.  It's impossible that all herbs affect you adversely -- every plant you eat is an herb and is used medicinally for something.
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