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Are these symptoms of depression?

I've been having these symptoms and they're not getting any better:

Memory loss - can't remember certain incidents and constantly forgetful

Dizziness - feel lightheaded at times

Lack of concentration - have trouble concentrating on a lot of things (i can sit through a whole movie and not concentrate and not know what it's about)

Confusion - example: driving on the wrong freeway when going somewhere

I've had these symptoms for around 2 years, and the confusion part seems to be getting worse. What could be wrong?

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Yes they are. I am very familiar with all of those symptoms and many more.

I'm not sayiing that is your diagnosis, I'm just saying that yes, those are a few of the many symptoms.

Get checked out and then you can safely rule out any possible physical medical problems. If you get a clean bill of health, then you may want to see a Psychiatrist to get evaluated.
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These symptoms can also have a physical cause.  Brain tumors, MS, untreated diabetes, etc - many, many causes.  I highly recommend that you see your doctor and allow him to run tests.  If the cause if mental, he can refer you to a psychiatrist.  The key is to get help soon before things get worse.

best of luck.

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