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Aversion to foods

I stopped venlafaxine 8/20/12, tapered down to it under medical supervision, it is a horrible experience.
In addition to all the other symptoms I've seen here (and have myself), has anyone experienced an aversion to certain foods? Meat, fish and poultry are the worst but every now and then I find I can't stand certain other foods too.
I've lost 11 pounds even though I can't exercise because of the dizziness. I did need to lose them plus more, but isn't this kind of sudden?
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Have you talked to your doctor about this?  I think the problem will probably pass.  Try not to worry too much about it.  It is probably the drug leaving your system.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are feeling now.
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Yes, have talked to doctors and am waiting for holiday weekend to end so I can do it again. Supposedly, it should already have passed.
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How long did you take to taper off of it and what was the dose?   From a lot of the reading I've done on other sites, doctors often don't have a clue how long it can take to taper off of some medications.  If you're still having terrible side effects, then you should go up a little on the medication and then wait a bit for things to settle down.  There shouldn't be any hurry to get off of it.  Both a friend of mine and I went off of it with hardly any problems--but very gradually.

BTW, why did the doctor have you go off of it?

Don't torture yourself.  Take it easier.  Good luck.
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