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Finally found out what I have and what's been going on. It's a relief so that finally I can get some help that's going to work. I saw my new therapist last wednesday and that went really good. She told me she put me down as MOOD DISORDER NOS. Because if she were to put me down as BI POLAR . I would no longer be able to get insurance . So that would be pretty stupid, it's sort of all starting to make sense now because I realize when I'm having a hypomanic episode or severe depression . Does anyone else have this disorder? What has helped? Right now I'm on depakote and Celxa and Klonopin.
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Actually, with the recent changes in the law, if they stay in place, you can't be turned down for medical insurance due to a pre-existing condition. I guess we'll have to wait and see if the Supreme Court strikes it down or not. However, the label is not important, what is important is getting the right medication. You are now taking a mood stabilizer, an antidepressant and an anti-anxiety medicine. We always need a mood stabilizer (yours is Depakote) and most of us take an antidepressant. Other things as needed such as your klonopin. I take Lamictal (mood stabilizer), Abilify (antipsychotic), Emsam (antidepressant), propranolol (for movement disorder caused by Abilify), Klonopin (for sleep), and Ambien (for sleep). Everyone's combination of medications is different.  Along with medication, therapy really helps. You can learn more about BP, triggers, your symptoms, how to deal with life. I go every other week and sometimes weekly.
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