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Bad breath depression

My life has been like a Hell, I can't function normally in social settings. And I've been in this situation for almost my entire life. I'm suffering from chronic bad breath, which has been killing me little by little for everyday. The worst thing with this situation is that no one understand you; yet, your life is a misserable lot. And there is no cure, so, the choice for me has been either living with the problem with all its consequences, loser in life, or die. So far I've chosen to live as loser in this life; but I don't know how far I could continue as I've suicidal thoughts almost everyday of my life. Writting just to release my frustrationas I've already given up.
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Hi.  I'm really sorry that the issue with your breath is causing such distress in your life. I'm sure you'd like to solve that!  Do other's notice as much as you think?  Have you spoken to your health care provider about it?  I'm assuming so.  But chronic bad breath can be due to underlying issues.  Are you frequently border line dehydrated, for example?  Bacteria can smell so gum disease, tooth decay can both cause bad breath.  How is your oral hygiene or mouth health?  But if you have a chronic issue with your sinuses or lungs, you can also have bad breath.  What is your diet like?  Certain foods in our diet can lead to bad breath.  You could have chronic dry mouth? Or you could have a metabolic disorder.  

So, a thorough check up from your primary care doctor is essential if you do not have oral/mouth health issues.

I'm very sorry you are depressed though too and that is something to also ask for help with.  Especially if it makes you feel desperate to the point of thinking of self harm.  It's never worth that. Even with bad breath, you are a lovable and worthy human being.  We're here to talk any time.  hugs
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You need to not only see your doc but a really good dentist as well, because Mom is right on everything she's said.  One other potential source if nobody can find any other physiological cause is digestive problems.  Doctors are not well trained on nutrition, and sometimes we just don't do well with certain foods.  If we can't digest well, it can make evacuation smell worse than normal and it can also come up rather than go down.  First, exhaust all those other things Mom has mentioned.  But if nothing comes up, you might consult a holistic nutritionist.  Something you might try in the meantime is using super green foods like spirulina or wheat grass, or even parsley.  All are very high in chlorophyll, a natural breath freshener.  You can also buy liquid chlorophyll and just drink it.  It might help until you find the cause and deal with it.
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Come back and tell us how you are doing!!  
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