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Beating depression without meds

I am depressed but refuse to EVER take antidepressants again. Is it really possible to beat depression without meds? I am in the process of looking for a therapist who practices CBT.
Thanks for your input.
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Yes.  Doesn't mean you will, but the only medical cure we know of is therapy.  Drugs only cover up symptoms, they don't cure the disease.  Good luck.
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I went through the similar frustration trying Depression meds. I tried taking Sam-e, Gaba, Ginsing, Ginko, and a few other home remedies. Sadly nothing seemed to work for my depression. It really sucked to try a new medicine and only finding that the side effects were worse than my depression. I went through about 6 meds before finding one that I could live with. This of course happened over the course of 4 years.

Just don't give up! try therapy because it really does help a ton.
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I am glad I am on antidepressants.  Without them and therapy, I would not have had the clarity and gained the understanding of what I was up against.  
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Hey, Ruby, didn't know this was you when I answered.  What's going on?
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I hope this doesn't come out twice, I thought I posted this already, but Ruby, didn't know it was you.  What's going on?  And for others on here, to the person who used "home" remedies.  Medicine is medicine, and if not done right, nothing right happens.  Depression is a strong illness in some, and when it's chronic and strong natural medicine will have a harder time treating it, but you do have to take the right things and if you don't know how to do it, just as with medication, you need to see someone professionally.  For example, and this is just for an example, not to diminish anyone,  the person mentioned using certain things that didn't work.  Well, GABA, for one, is for anxiety, not depression, and it doesn't pass the blood/brain barrier in the vast majority of people so it's pretty useless as a supplement.  There are ways of targeting GABA, though weaker than taking Neurontin (GABA that bypasses the digestive system) or a benzo, such as taking the nutrients that the body uses to manufacture GABA, taurine and B6.  Or taking relaxants that target GABA, such as valerian, kava, and many others.  Ginkgo has no effect on anxiety or depression at all -- it mildly helps to add oxygen to the blood and some other uses, but depression isn't something it's used for as a major factor.  Same with Ginseng, and if it was real ginseng, it can make anxiety worse as it's very stimulating.  Other adaptogens are more often used for this stuff.  So for those thinking natural medicine works easily or never works, both views are exaggerations -- it's hard to do, takes lots of experimentation, the supplements have to be manufactured by trustworthy sources, have to be taken a proper amount of times during the day, and still require therapy and all the rest of the tool kit.  Don't rule it out, in other words, but also don't expect any miracles, and the same goes for medication.  Peace, all.
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