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Best out of these antidepressants? Venlafaxine, prozac, citalopran, trazodone ?

My doc be fed up with me. Struggling to find an antidepressant with minimal weight gain, sedation, tachycardia and libido issues that can also adequately control my depression and anxiety.
I've tried just about everything.
If doc hasn't disowned me by Mon will try again.
Fluoxetine, venlafaxine, Trazodone or back on Citalopram which I was on for about 20 years but began giving me bracycardia last time I was on them after having a break from them.
Please advise.
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You've posted a lot about this stuff, and I feel for you.  Drugs are a mess.  I wish we could tell you which drug was best, but there isn't a best -- the best one is the one that works the best for you and since we are all different, what works for us or doesn't doesn't apply to you.
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I totally agree with Paxiled.  I have seen you post a lot about this as well and I have had to go through it before.  What med works, the timing of it being introduced, and the length of time it takes to find the right medicine is a struggle that a lot of people have to endure and it can be exhausting.
Everytime we add or remove a medicine we have effectively changed our chemicals sometimes to a degree that makes the whole process its own problem.  I wish that it was just diagnose, prescribe, then live but that cycle has to repeat for some (if not all) of us.   Some people find the right medicine and stay on it for years until a life change makes the medicine ineffective.  Also for women and men with different hormones, life is going to change our emotional stability anyway, so there is often going to be a need to make adjustments as we go through life.
I do wish you the best in this and hope that you find some ease from the worry in time.
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Yes been struggling bigtime. Doc was going to give me my pill of choice. Nefazodone, but chemist said can't get it here so back to headache, fattening, sleepy citalopram :-( xxx
Read a book called The Anti-Depressant Survival Guide.  I don't particularly like the diet suggested in it but the author is a functional physician, a psychiatrist who practices both medicine and integrated medicine instead of just throwing pills at the problem before deciding it really is a mental problem and not a physiological one.  I think you'll get some ideas about how to avoid the bad side effects with lifestyle changes, especially the weight gain.  Meditation and some energizing supplements can help with the sedation, as can regular exercise.  
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I think Trazadone
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Paxil is good for that if your not bipolar
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My doctor put me on Adderall XR (extended release) and it has helped me become more 'level-headed' and a little bit more able to focus on the events of the day.  Of course, nothing is going to totally take away the depression and anxiety that we feel everyday except for our own minds.  I feel that after 41 years of dealing with this depression and anxiety, there is no way to really conquer it besides getting our own thoughts under control.  I have been able to talk myself out of a lot of negative thoughts since being on this medication.  Might be worth a try for you... and others out there dealing with these same problems.  Good luck everyone!  These conditions are real and very hard to deal with on a daily basis!
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