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Best time to take Fetzima?

I just started taking Fetzima a few days ago and I've been suffering from terrible insomnia. My doctor told me to take it at night because it may make me sleepy so I was wondering if maybe that might be making it harder for me to sleep. Has anyone noticed it causing less sleeping troubles when taken in the morning as opposed to the evening?
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I'm having the same issue. I have dizziness as well.
Hey there, welcome. Sometimes we react differently than expected to medications.  So, I'd switch it and take it at a different time of day and see if that solves it.  You take it at night currently as well?  What dose do you take?  Do you get your blood pressure checked?  I think it would be wise to check back in with your doctor in the near future too.  But what dose are you on and what time of day do you take it?  Does your heart also race?  That's something that CAN happen and that is why you should be getting regular BP checks.  
This class of drugs is intentionally stimulating.  For some people with depression, that really works well.  For others, it's too stimulating for them.  You might find the ssri class to be more tolerable, as they tend to be more sedating.  If you've just started taking it, it could just be something that passes with time -- they all have side effects, so you do have to give them a chance.  
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