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Borderline Personality Disorder vs. Bipolar disorder

What is the difference of BPD and Bipolar? I was just diagnosed with bipolar this last week and I'm looking for any info anyone will give me. Thanks
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Hi Blue mango, just so you know there's a website called Borderline Personality Disorder World-it gives clear definition of bpd compared with bi-polar disorder. Esp as bi-polar is meant to have two types!!! They are similarities but not the same. The psych may try to give you a mood stabiliser like abilify or olanzapine-my expereince of these when i had a pyschosis weren't positive and I felt like I wanted to eat,like I was tired/dizzy and a bit like a mild chemical cosh-they DID NOT stop me getting as major depression afterwards. The Psych's are arguing as to whether I am bipolar type 2, or bpd-to me they use the bipolar tag too easily-I had one epsiode of psychosis after drug use and trauma-according to the head dor's that's all you need to fit the bipolar mode??? However you will know your mind better than anyone and I hope you get the help and support you need that is individually tailored for you-remember you aren't a diagnosis you are a wonderful person who is unique. Good Luck

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