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Breaking point

I honestly feel like I'm to my breaking point. Medication, mental institute what else can I do.? Can someone please talk to me
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Yes of course I will talk to you.  I know how you are feeling, as does everybody here.  I had depression for 30 years and have been on many different anti depressants.  I too have been in a psychiatric hospital.  Took an overdose once, but glad I survived.

18 months ago I managed to wean off anti depressants.  I am old now and glad I am managing.  I battled long and hard against depression.  It is worth the battle however hard it is.  I get down days, but not as bad as it used to be.

I don't know what else we can do except not let the illness win.  Keep fighting.  
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Seems you are less than well? Having been in Psycho. Hospitals a few times & tried most of the medication's I believe that you can be relieved of your rotten thoughts & restored to happiness that's hard for you to believe at present. If there's no empathy with whoever is treating you find another one. Saying " don't despair is as useless as saying don't worry " Try to imagine yourself being well & try to stay active!
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It's like every time I think I'm moving forward I take two steps back .... I don't wanna be here anymore
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