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My doctor just started me on buspar 15mg a day for anxiety in addition to my antidepressant effexor. The effexor wasn't cutting it by itself. does anyone have any experience with Buspar? any feedback is welcome.
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Buspar is a non addictive anxiety medicine.  I've never taken buspar but have taken effexor.  The effexor actually caused me to have anxiety.  Did you have anxiety before starting the effexor?
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i have been on effexor i had some bad side effects from it.  i am now on fluxetine cant feel i am taking anything.  my mom had alzeimers i took care of her in my home she got as little violent some time.  the last trip to the hospital. a new doctor put her on buspar.  she was so much better.  she still couldnt rremember anyone but she didnt hit me are throw things any more.  it did wonders for her.  i am thinking about getting my doc to put me on buspar. and some othe drug for depression.  gloria789
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