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COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT; Mood-Disorder Related; Treatment?

Hi I've been diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Bipolar II.
The most debilitating symptom has been my debilitating COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT. When it's bad it really leaves me pretty helpless. Does anyone know of  pharmacological treatments that have worked in restoring severe cognitive faculties?

- brain just doesn't seem to be active/engaged at all ... when it's bad, I wonder if I have dementia or am partially  brain dead
- feel stuck in the moment; not moving forward in time
- feel like I have the mental activity of a vegetable
- can't:
• process information
• come up with ideas
• engage in a conversation
• think or plan ahead
• make mental connections

Antidepressants, mood stabilizers and atypical anti-psychotics.
• Though most succeeded in treating my mood, none have treated my cognitive impairment.

• They have been  miraculous in their ability to restore mental activity, but I've become tolerant to them.

Has anyone successfully treated their  cognitive condition pharmacologically? If so please offer treatment advise!

- Capri79
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I have had lot of cognitive impairment with this episode of major depression myself. This was the first time this happened. Mine have improved woth time and med regimen, but still lingering worse when stressed or anxious. How long have you had this? when's the last time you had a med change? what meds are you on currently? Just a idea, I have sleep apnea and this makes mine worse. Do you think you might have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder?
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