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Can Antidepressants stop working?

I have been on Topomax and Lexapro for a good six months at least. I recently hit a rough patch, I just don't want to get out of bed. I am being tested for Fibro and Rhumatoid stuff. I get daily migranes and stuff. I feel like the antidepressants aren't working. I don't want to get out of bed. I've lost all hope. I feel lost in myself.  

Is it possible for the medcine to stop working? I see my perscriber tomorrow but is it possible for it to just stop working after so long of it working?
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Get your thyroid checked.A wonky thyroid will give you many of the things you are experiencing.
also talk to your doc about this as well.maybe its time to get your dosage adjusted or maybe try a differentmed.not al meds work foru and somtimes it takes  trying different ones to get the right one.
let me know h9ow it goes for you
Love Venora
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thyriod is fine. My Pcp did a full blood work up and thyriod is fine. I finally found stuff that worked. and now its not.
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I think Venora is right that you should go back to your doc and either change the dosage or switch to a new a/d. 6 months isn't a long time to be on them, but i guess from what you're saying they have been working previously. For many a/d's it is necessary to up the dose after a period of time. Good luck and best wishes, x.
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Yes, I know people who have to change sometimes.  Topamax can make you like a zombie though, they didn't up that did they?
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I am on topomax 200 mgs. I am now weaning off of lexapro and going to cymbalta.  Because i have all over body pain and so we are hoping the cymbalta helps with that even if its a little bit.
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