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Can Cymbalta and Wellbutrin be taken together

My doctor has prescribed 90mg Cymbalta and 300mg wellbutrin for depression.  I read the medical information sheet that came with the medication and it stated that SSRIs and SNRIs should not be taken with other SSRIs or SNRIs as this could cause Seratonin Syndrome.  I'm worried that the combination of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin can cause this.  Is the combintation of Cymbalta and Wellbutrin safe?

Thanks very much!

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It should be okay unless you happen to have some sort of unusual sensitivity to either of those drugs.

I'm taking 400 mg of Wellbutrin and 50 mg of Pristiq (an SNRI) without any lasting problems (just some initial side effects with Pristiq that have gone away).

You don't say whether your doctor has started you on smaller dosages and brought you up to these levels. I hope that is the case. I'm pretty sure one does not initiate Wellbutrin dosage at 300 mg.

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if it couldnt be taken.. a DOCTOR would know that.. stop reading side effects.. and do what you need to do..
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btw people fail to realize you need MAX doses plus a little more to get serotonin syndrome its not something that a few pills can just give you.. good luck.
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Cymbalta and Wellbutrin are safe to combine.  Wellbutrin does not affect serotonin, so it does not pose a risk for serotonin syndrome.  Excellent that you are an informed patient.  Better to check for potential intteractions than proceed blindly
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I'm taking 300mg of wellbutrin,it is not doing the job alone. My doctor said zoloft and wellbutrin are compatible I'm going to add per his advice 50mg of zoloft I really  hope this will make some difference. Just like some feed back on this. thank you
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Yes they can. Welbuterin is safe to take with SSRI's and SNRI medication.
It is a Dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Alone it is rather ineffective, but as an add on medication is seems to help.
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Thanks everyone for your responses.  I did a little more research and Hensley258 is correct - Wellbutrin affects norepinefrin and dopamine and not seratonin.  

Kalmkid, I don't appreciate being told not to read the patient information stuff.  That information is specifically intended to keep us informed.  Doctors sometimes make mistakes and prescribe the wrong drug.  And sometimes, pharmacies give the wrong drug to patients that could possibly kill them.  I always want to know what is gong into  my body and what the possible effects are.  If you prefer to stay uninformed, that is your decision.  Please don't criticize me for for asking questions.  This is exactly why this forum exists - to gather more information.  
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