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Can I see a doctor??

I am suffering from I think depression.  But I am concerned that if I seek medical help, this will make me less hirable in the special-needs profession.  I love working with special needs kids and childlike adults. Probably one of the reasons I am so depressed is that I am out of work right now, though depression has been part of my life ever since I can remember.

Could someone comment on my quandary??
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Normally, an employer wouldn't ask whether you are receiving or had received mental health treatment.  This info is confidential anyway.  I never saw this question on a job application but maybe times are changing!

Regardless, you should never avoid seeking mental health treatment if you need it.  Unfortunately, there is such a stigma placed on mental health treatment in our society that those who need it stray away from it.
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By the way, I live in Illinois, if that is helpful.
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Thanks, sir!!
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Seeking mental health treatment shows that you not only care for yourself, but that you are trying to stay in control of your own mental health status, so how could that ever be a negative thing...the fact that you are doing something about it, and taking action, shows strength and vulnerability, I would hire you in a minute for this reason, seek the help you need, we need you out here working with children with special needs and adults....you see a problem, and your seeking answers...that's a go getter!!! Good luck and I agree depression sets in without a job, we start taking the blame and doubting our selves and our skills...but don't do that...stay positive
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Yes, I agree.  One in four Americans suffer depression or anxiety and take medication for it.  It's very common dear. Today's medications mean that people get treatment they need and go on about life.  The medications available are fairly benign in terms of side effects and work so well.  Have you considered this?  I would talk to your doctor about this.

Our medical history is confidential from employers even if they are paying for our insurance.  The HIPPA Act is a privacy act and that means that doctors do not disclose info about you.  Now, some places of employment do require prework physicals but as I said, depression is very common.  It's not a condition to which an employer would not hire someone in most settings.  And certainly not in working with special needs children or adults.  

But again, agree with above that seeking help for the depression is the right thing to do for yourself as well as your future employment.  

best of luck to you and hope that you are able to get treatment soon for the depression and find a great job you love.  peace
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