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Can anybody give me advice about medications such as Effexor vs. Wellbutrin? In regard to Depression, Creativity, Spirituality also..

I'm a 26 y.o male. Other than my depression I am pretty healthy, in shape and make a point to exercise at least one hour to three each day. I do my daily yoga, also take 7200 mg of fish oil per day, Vit B12 liquid and a good multi - vitamin and I eat a near Macrobiotic diet.

I have been diagnosed as having major depression. I went on Wellbutrin SR 200 mg per day last December and it initially did help me. I was so depressed before going on it that it was a welcome relief and it also help me quit smoking.. 7 months later I have started to have some unwanted side effects that I just don't think are working for me.
I feel dizzy a lot and out of it some days.. I feel like everything is happening in my peripheral vision sometimes and also get very irritated some days. Other days I feel ok. I recently went off of it for three weeks, by the second week I felt good but by the end of the third week I was so tired and depressed I knew I had to take something..
Back on Wellbutrin and bam - I instantly felt better - more energy.. but that only lasted a couple days. The fogginess came back - could that be the depression though and the fact that maybe the Wellbutrin is not working?
The Wellbutrin also makes me frustrated and moody and unable to concentrate a lot of the time I am finding.

My Dr. wants me to try Effexor -- 37.5 mg or whatever -- I am supposed to start taking it today but I am afraid after reading all the harsh side effects and withdrawl people go through with it.

I have always been a pretty spiritual person and writing music is what I do for a living .. I am also afraid to have that connection turned off.. I guess I am young and trying to get a grasp on what I am going through. I have suffered from this on and off for most of my life -- and this is the first time I am putting my trust in medication ...

Is it possible to find a medication (and I know it's different for everyone) that just does not make you feel turned off inside? I can still feel emotion on Wellbutrin - that is a good thing. I don't know ... I guess I am asking a lot of things and to hear from people with similar struggles...

What do people think of Effexor? For someone who has chronic depression? Is is true that because my depression is recurring that it may be bi-polar? I don't hear voices or see things ... I never get really high highs anymore. Somedays I do feel okay though and more positive and then I go back and sink into this deep, dark hole.

2006/2007 was a tough peroid for me, a lot of moving, travelling, I was left by someone I really loved for someone else....

I don't know I guess I am just looking for answers...
Why are some people so  anti-medication? Is it really that bad and ****** up?
I just want to feel clear and happy and normal emotions.
Is that too much to ask?

I am tired of this fog and rollercoaster of feeling okay and then not.

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Well there are lots of antidepressants out there but effexor and well butrin seem to be the flavor of the month with the docs Just realize that not everyone reacts the same way to the meds I am bi polar and I went through alot of meds before I got on the 2 I am on now . I have been stable for 8 years Celexa is what I take for the depression side and I really like it lot.
You said you exercise and eat healthy. do you stay away form caffiene and sugar. these 2 are terrible for aggravating depression. Good advice is to cut all caffiene and sugar out. Continue to eat healy and exercise.
you may not be bi polar .  Chronic depression will return when meds are stopped. Go back to do and discuss what you have told us here. and maybe try a different med. Believe me it is worth it to keep trying till you get the med that works for you. YOu didnt mention if you were in therapy.  Therapy is crucial in beating depression. Meds with out therapy doesnt work nearly as well as both of them to gether.
I am very happy on the meds I am on. I have been stable for 8 years Ifeel great and normal and happy.. the right meds ,therapy and diet and exercise can do this for you.
Never,never ,never give up. Let me know how you progress.
Love Venora
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hi verona thanks for writing. i have the effexor here but haven't started taking it yet. i found out yesterday that my 8 year old yellow lab, templeton.. has been diagnosed with cancer and only has a few days to live. he's like my son. so i'm ravaged. i don't want to go on it til he's gone - bc i want to really be sure i am here with him fully at this time. god, dogs .. for some of us are like kids. i will post again/ in the meantime thank youfor your support and gviing me hope.
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Sorry to hear about the dog.

The medication does not take away your spirituality.  Not at all, it helps you to be yourself in a good way.  I am an Artist and I can really focus on my painting now that I take medication.  It does not change who you are as a person
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