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Can anyone suggest anything please

When i was 8 i began to have health problems JHS (joint hyper-mobility syndrome) which went undiagnosed until i was 16, it basically means that the connective tissue in my joints isn't as strong as it should be, as a result of this my right shoulder subluxed (a partial dislocation) at least 20 times a day and they fully dislocated a couple times a week and my left shoulder only hurt a little so Emergency Room visits became a very regular thing when i was growing up. I'm in pain 24/7.

Despite all this i stayed very active with sports, mainly soccer, which became my way of fighting back against constant pain. My mood was mostly positive with only an occasional low mood, no more then other people.

I went to college to study outdoor education and worked in outdoor centre teaching climbing, kayaking, mountain biking etc.

Last year things got so bad that surgeon decided to operate on my right shoulder to reconstruct and tighten the joint. Since then my right shoulder still dislocates although not as much but my left shoulder is now beginning show signs of getting worse.

Recently I started a new job as a teaching assistant at a special needs school which i Absolutely love however 3 weeks in and i have already been in hospital with a dislocated shoulder from running. I didn't tell any of my work colleagues because it don't want to looses my job so i worked the next day in pain.

The things that cause my dislocations range from playing soccer to picking up a glass of water.

I can't afford to loose my job because of this condition, but i also can't go through life just going to work and back without doing anything else for fear of dislocating my shoulder.

I feel as though i'm losing the battle agaist JHS, i don't have energy to deal with the pain all the time. Im tierd all day and lack engery, When my mood is low i really struggle to get out of it, have little motivation to do anything other then go to work and play soccer and my sleep pattern is poor and disturbed partly from pain.

Im only 21 and i need help, is this depression and what can be done about it? If you have any suggestions please comment

Thankyou for taking the time to read this

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