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Can others share whether they experienced any significant difference between effexor (venlafaxine ) and effexor XL???

I'm just asking this question as an addition to the previous question as i'm quite curious as to others past experiences as i'm up to max dose with the generic form, along with mirtazapine 45mg, but I still quite flat in mood, with little spontaniety and miss my normal self 'Zip' as otherwise I feel that it largely is working to a certain extent, but i'm still wanting more.
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Hi, I was put on generic form of Effexor, but when I saw a second doctor, he asked why I had been changed from Effexor to the generic form (forget its name).  I said the doctor I usually see had put me on it, and I presumed it was cheaper.

This 2nd doctor looked it up, and said there was little difference in the cost, and would I like to go back on Effexor XL?  I said yes.  That was a year ago, and I am still on 150mg Effexor XL.  

I feel really well.  All my anxieties and panics have gone, along with the depression.  I know not everybody gets the same benefit as me from Effexor.  I also do not know if there is much difference in the original, and the generic form.  I may have felt just as well on the generic.  I do know that because I have been well on Effexor in  the past, I am relieved I am on it now.
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Been on Effexor XR for maybe 4yrs and recently rec. venlafaxine instead via mailorder.

I assumed Effexor XR must have just gone generic.  I have been on venlafaxine for about 3 weeks and just do not feel "right".  Very tired- especially around 2-3 pm and started gaining weight again.  Originally gained 30lbs until added Wellbutrin 300mg to the Effexor.  Also my mind is not as sharp, having more headaches, bloated stomach and crabby.  
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