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Can you be depressed for years and not know?

Hello there,

I'm having trouble working out if I really am depressed or if something more serious is wrong.  I have been back and fourth to the doctors since giving birth 10 months ago.  I never gained an appetite back and felt nauseated when eating, I can't manage much to eat.  I have headaches alot and my BMI is now 15.8 which I'm guessing is the reason my periods have stopped for 3 months.  After ultra sounds and blood tests they tell me it's all normal and that I could be depressed. My issue is, if I'm depressed, I must have had it for 6 years as I started getting moody all the time, overly emotional and unexplained heart palpitations everyday and joint aches.  I realised I stopped going out around that time, I started napping in the day.  Can it be possible to not know for 6 years that I was depressed? I don't feel sad, just angry all the time.  Can having a baby have made my symptoms worse?

I just feel too stupid to go back to the doctor and say "you know I said I am not depressed, well I've had a think and I've been depressed for 6 years but didn't realise, my bad!"
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I think it is possible to be depressed for 6 years and not know it. because if you don't know what warning signs are to look for and lack of insight can defiantly leave you feeling it was was not nice but not know what is causing it.

Pregnancy is known for making depression worse as well because it effects all the hormones and leaves you exhausted both mentally and physically. I know it must be hard but i would recommend going back to the doctor, if you cant face your normal doctor maybe see another one.

There is no shame in being depressed.

I wish you well

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Thank you for the reply,

You're right, I do need to go back.  I guess it all makes sense and there's no harm in trying anti depressants on the chance they make me better. I just can't believe I wouldn't know something like this.

Thanks again :)

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I think it is possible to be depressed and not know it.  When I felt tired all the time, and life seemed an effort, I certainly did not suspect I was depressed.

I went to the doctor and said life was like "walking through treacle" and working was becoming difficult.  I had been like that for a while.  When I was diagnosed with depression, I could not have been more surprised.

Below there is something that lets you see if you could be suffering from depression.  I believe it says 15 signs of depression.  Have a look.

Go back to your doctor.  You may well be having post natal depression too.  Sometimes that can last a long time.

Take care, and let us know how you get on.
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I was depressed for many, many years before I caught on. Even once I starting considering the possibility, it took another good year for me to really accept that was the way things were. It developed gradually over such a long period of time that I thought I was just growing up and this was normal for me. The big moment of true realisation was when I started anti-depressants and saw how different things could be. Reading up on mental illness before this point helped but I knew definitely once the meds kicked in. So, sure, it's entirely possible you could be depressed for years and not know it. Don't be worried about having to go back on what you said with your doctor. Any good doctor will only want to help you feel better. Coming to the realisation you're depressed is a good thing for the doctor to hear. They can then begin to help you recover. As for having a baby, I forget the term and the details but the process can affect your mental health. You need to educate yourself on the possibility of your mental health deteriorating post-birth and be vigilant to recognising any changes in your moods, letting your doctor know asap.
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