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Can you please just give me some advise?

I am a 32 year old depressed woman who's whole immediate family (before marriage 6 years ago) moved to a different state. I have a 2 year old son which is the only reason I choose to live. My husband lost his job of 80000 income per year and I myself do work but do not make enough to pay our bills. My husband talks down to me constantly now (for like the past 6 months) and I started online school to get a second job. So things are piling up to make my life unhappy and I feel like I have nobody to talk to about any of this. That is one reason I am so sad. I'm typing my life right now to people I don't know- but hope you can help as to what should I do? I can't even talk to my husband. I feel that the things he says to me (like how I'm a horrible mom because when my 2 year old starts crying in the back seat I didn't fill up or grab the diaper bag to get a bottle quick enough- "you choose to sit there and care about yourself" he says to me.) is so wrong. Trust me- there is PLENTY more each and every day. When I got married- like everyone, divorce will never happen. I definitely have rethought that.
We have seen 2 counselors before and neither of them helped. My husband and I only ***** about the other one. Oh yeah, I can get mean too- but I do swear it is my Husband who is so negative toward me that it makes me be negative toward him. So no therapy for us will work. We have a beautiful, loving happy toddler and do not want to break our family, but it has come down to me finding a lawyer. Please someone just tell me something now that you think will make my life any better. The smallest input here that could really help me is and will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
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I'm so sorry you are going through this. That a very stressful situation. I understand that you feel counseling won't work for you.

I don't know how your relationship was before he lost his job, but he's probably feeling inadequate and in turn taking it out on you.
I hope he's looking for another job.

If he's always treated you badly, it may not be so healthy a situation to stay in. If this is new because he lost his job, it can probably be worked through. My husband and I have gone through this. Money is a huge stress factor. He's lost his job many times. We're still married after 14 years.

All I can say is you have to really think about what will make you happy. If it's keeping the family together then you both have to have an environment that's not full of resentment. If that's not going to work, how happy can it be for your child?

I hope you find the Path that is best for you ❤️
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