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Can't take it anymore...

I've been sick since last October and just when one illness goes away another one creeps up. I'm on Wellbutrin XL 150 but it doesn't seem to help much. I'm suffering from interstitial cystitis, very painfull imflamation of the bladder, and other chronic pain which just drains my energy.

I'm 34 years old and used to be healthy all my life.  Not quite sure why can't I seem to get well...maybe adrenal exhaustion from constant stress?  

Anyway, what else can I take that'd help with depression?  I mean I've hit the bottom and just feel like staying in bed all day and eating comfort foods...pathetic but the fact that I can't do things I once loved, running etc., and just being sick all the time, afraid of getting fired for missing days at work, how this affects my family life is dragging me down.

Thanks for listening and any suggestions are welcome.
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I'm sorry to hear that you are not enjoying things as you used to.  This is very tragic for someone of your young age.  It sounds like classic depression.  Many years ago, I was taking Wellbutrin for depression and it also did not help much, but it did help with some obsessive/compulsive tendencies.  Wellbutrin is also marketed as "Zyban" to help quit smoking.  But Effexor was the one that made a dramatic difference years ago.  I now take Remeron, however (Mirtazapine).  Because we had the same experience with Wellbutrin, this makes me think that Effexor might also help with your depression.  But the doctor can help you find the best one.  Wellbutrin is a unique anti-depressant (I'm not sure how it is different, but it is), so it's only logical that if this one is not giving good results, medications in the same class as Effexor would be the next step.  But only the doctor can make that determination based on your situation.  

5 months does seem like a long time to endure depression.  5 minutes is a long time to endure depression.  But in reality, 5 months is barely enough time to find the right medication.  You should have tried several by now.

Oh, Effexor is sometimes given for anxiety if I'm not mistaken and also for pain.  I'm surprised they haven't tried it yet, unless there is a reason.

Best of luck to you--
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I asked my doctor about Effexor and he said it's the same as Wellbutrin and wouldn't prescribe it.  Weird...he then prescribed Lexapro but it made me very sleepy so I stopped taking it.
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It is not at all the same, it is completely different to it.

Get a proper Doctor, is he a psychiatrist or a general medical Doctor, because he doesn't know what he is talking about ?  

You do not have to feel like this, you have the right to feel better.
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