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Celexa and Klonopin

Hello again,

My last post I was taking Neurontin, Celexa and Effexor XR (to ween myself off of it so I can take the Celexa.) I went to my psychiatrist this morning because the Neurontin wasn't working. So he prescribed me Klonopin. I am now taking the Celexa and Klonopin. I have severe agoraphobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), anxiety and horrible panic attacks.

My husbands leaving the Army and we are moving back home on Sunday, which is a 13 hour drive. After extensive research on Klonopin, I have found nothing but bad reviews on it from other people who have taken it. My friends husband was on it and he became addicted, taking it 12-13 times a day instead of once a day. Thank God he's not taking that anymore.

I'm worrying about starting Klonopin because of the zombie like feeling, the panic attacks (which I've heard will get worse before they get better when you first start taking them), constant drowsiness. With our 13 hour drive coming up in a few days I don't trust myself being on it while driving. We have 2 cars and there's no way for us to "pack up" my car, because we need to.

I'm in a very scared state right now with the Klonopin, I know I should take it but like I said, I don't trust myself with our drive. Can someone with experience in this please help me to ease my fears?

I take 10 mg of Celexa in the AM and then 20 mg at dinner, then I'm supposed to take .5 mg Klonopin at lunch and after dinner for 5 days, then .5 in the AM, lunch and dinner. I feel like that's too much. I already plan on seeing a therapist back home for anxiety/relaxation therapy and hopefully get a psychiatrist that I can trust, because I don't trust this one.

please help, I'm a wreck..
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Also, since my agoraphobia is pretty bad, I would like to be able to get out of the house and go places and NOT have a panic attack, or get a horrible stomach because I'm so anxious. As of right now I can't go anywhere. My body won't let me, no matter how hard I try. This is something that's getting worse for me, and I need some alternative ways to try and help me stay calm until I get back home.
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  you are wise to seek therapy as this will help you with underlying issues of your anxiety.I know I am not a doctor but the klonipin doesnt seem to be doing anything for you. In my humble opinion I think the celexa would be just fine. give it at least 4 weeks to kick in .I take celexa and I love it.
In the meantime try to exercise and deep breathing from the diaphragm.Keep alournal and write in it especially when the attacks come on.   it helps to see them on paper out our heads and helps to put the attacks in perspective.Keep posting on your progress. good luck on the move.
Love Venora
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I haven't started taking the Klonopin yet. I got the prescription for it filled yesterday but haven't taken it. I'm scared to take it because my friends husband was on it and he became a zombie, he couldn't drive, couldn't talk, had memory loss, slept all the time. That's why I'm afraid to take it. Especially with the 13 hour drive coming up. I have a journal and I write in it almost every night. Whenever I feel anxious I always put: "Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be just fine. I'm not going to get sick. Just breathe, notice your surroundings and know that you are going to be okay." it seems to help along with the deep breathing exercises I do. Even if I don't write in it, I'll just doodle random things and it seems to help. I also get bad anxiety when I'm working. I deliver pizza and it's hard to concentrate when I'm having anxiety at work. It's embarrassing having an attack with 30 employees around.
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I have taken klonopin with zoloft and I felt pretty sedated. Klonopin isn't supposed to be as habit forming because it stays in your system longer than other benzo's like xanax which only last about 4 hours. It takes a while to get addicted to it so if you see a doctor regularly and talk to your husband you should be fine. As far as driving on it it has one of those labels that says be careful using heavy machinery until you know how it effects you. Try it before you go on the trip so you know how it effects you. My doctor gave it to me just to help with the initial anxiety from the new anti-depressant but some people take it long term and don't have any problems.
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