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Celexa and Weight Gain:(

Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who has had weight gain from celexa and switched to another med and lost the weight??  i suffer from depression and anxiety.  i am on the celexa and klonipin.  it has been many years on these meds.  but the weight gain is just making me more depressed.  i have withdrawn from my friends and family.  i havent been to a social function in about a year....or a date!  im ashamed of what i look like.  i used to be pretty damn hot...lol!  i dont have the energy to work out....or the attention span.  and i dont eat well.  i used to be able to eat anything and not gain a pound.  im 29 now and i guess my metabolism is slowing down.  i dont have the energy to cook something healthy.  and, i live in manhattan so ordering in or picking something up on my way home is the norm.  so basically i know im not helping my situation by the way i eat, but the celexa definitely has a part in it.  any help or advise would be great!  thanks!
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Unfortunately weight gain is a common side effect of most SSRIs.  I am currently taking Celexa and have not been aware of any weight gain, in fact I have begun losing it, mostly as a result of having more energy that my depression deprived me of - so you might consider that your issue may not be the medicine itself, but that the medicine is not doing what it is supposed to do.  (See also: time for change)
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