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Have any of you noticed a difference between 10 mg and 20 mg of Celexa.  I took Celexa in the past and was on 20 mg.  This time I'm only taking 10 mg and I still have mild anxiety/depression.
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Anyone have a response to this?
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Everyone seems to respond different to dosage, work with your doc to see what is best for you
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i'm considering going from 20mg. to 10mg. as well...any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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I had never taken Celexa until a month ago.  Doc started me on 20mg and after week 4, I notice it working very well.  I used to take xanax for anxiety, but started depending on it, even abusing it; and I noticed that for however relieved it made me, I was twice as anxious the next day, and the only cure: more xanax.  Felt like it was a racquet, bandaid, or vicious cycle so after week three on Celexa, I quit taking xanax and started noticing marked improvements every day thereafter...  Along with benzo's counteracting Celexa, I notice that painpills hinder it as well... just not as bad.  I'm happy with 20mg and have no desire to drop to 10mg.  I'd recommend 20mg to anyone.  Works for me.  Good luck Tricia!   ;)
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I took the med but stopped due to apathy.  I found the not feeling and caring difficult to tolerate.  The side-effects were mostly tolerable.

10 mg may be subclinical.  20 mg may relieve the anxiety and depression.  With some meds dividing the dose (half morning and night) can help with some symptoms.  Not sure if that is appropriate for this med.  I would talk to your doctor.

I would also recommend you supplement any medication with therapy.
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