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I was just prescribed it yesterday. I am also very apprehensive on taking this drug. DOes it really help? The doctor told me to take it and do not worry about the side effects. But I am, I do not like taking meds that are not for strict health reasons. I usually don't even take ibprofen or tylenol. I just wondered how Celexa affects ones sleep?
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Hi I take celexa and it has saved my life.I dont have any side effects.I function as a normal person not a zombie.I feel it is one of the better antidepressants.
and mental health is a valid medical reason to take theis med.It is doing something for us that our body isnt.
Take the celexa and see how you feel after 4 to 6 weeks.i am sure you will notice an improved mood.
A healthy diet and light exercise will help as well
good luck and let me know how it goes for you .
Love Venora
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Hi!  Here's the straight scoop on antidepressants as I see it:

Antidepressants saved my life, and if you need them I would say definitely take them.  I have been on Celexa for years, and found it the best of all of them--each person reacts differently to every medication.  It can take years to find the one that helps you.  I started on Prozac in '93!

However, while I was on antidepressants, I have gained a lot of weight, had serious sexual side effects on every single one I tried (I'm down to 4 or 5 times a year now),and have been suffering fatigue for at least 10 years.  I can't go all day without a couple of hours of sleep in the middle.  On Celexa, I lost all desire and a significant amount of my ability to be creative (I'm an artist and art teacher)--I didn't realize it until I tapered off Celexa to try another pill (to get rid of sexual side effects--didn't work).  I also tried Luvox, which made me so stoned taking half a dose that I never took another, and was violently "hungover" for 5 days.  Between the two experiences, I have finally decided that I've had enough.

I'm now going off my antidepressants (which I've tried to do before, but the withdrawals were always too bad--the doctor said I was relapsing) and suffering horrific withdrawal symptoms--motion sickness, wicked headaches, rages, muscular aches, a weird "electrical" zapping in my head.  If I had known about all the side effects, and the withdrawal symptoms, I never would have taken an antidepressant.  But I'm not sure I would have survived my depression without them.

It's a tough call. My experience is not uncommon.  Make sure your doctor has an "exit strategy" for when you feel better, and that you find out as much as you can.  Doctors say Prozac is easier to come off of then anything else.  As far as I'm aware, there have been no studies done on the effects of taking antidepressants in the longterm (longer that 18 months I think it is).

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I just started Celexa today....  I have anxiety... And they also prescribe xanax for when its really bad...

  Hope it worked for you.. I tried wellbutrin and zoloft, both I had reactions to the increased heart rate and shooting pains down the arms
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Hello im taking celexa 10Mg for about two Weeks now and I feel a little better.. I was on effxor for about 4 years and it worked good but after having a bad panic attack may doctor put me on celexa... Will it help?
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