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I've been on many different meds in the past, including Celexa and was just prescribed it again.  The problem is I really hate to start taking it for fear it will eventually stop working.  I am also very overweight and I am concerned about weight gain.  Also, it was prescribed to take in the  morning, but since I do have some anxiety and suffer with sleep apnea I think is I do decide to take it, night time would probably be best.  Any thoughts?
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I've been on Celexa for quite sometime, and it continues to work very well.  If it reaches a point where it doesn't, consult with your doctor, I'm sure there is an alternative.  I haven't gained any weight and it's my understanding the weight gain is not a side effect of this drug.  I recently lost 40 lbs.  I would not take this at night without consulting with your doctor first.
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I was prescribed Celexa by my GP due to an ongoing health issue causing anxiety and depression.  I was told to take it right before bed.  I'm not confident the med ever worked for me, but I haven't noticed any issues as it relates to taking it at night.  mammo is right, however, you should call your Dr. just to let him/her know you would like to take it a night.  Also, I have not seen weight gain with it either.
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