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Changing from Cymbalta to Celexa

I am switching from Cymbalta 120 mg to Celexa due to loss of insurance coverage.
I lowered to 60 mg a day for a few days, (I ran out of Cymbalta) then started 20 mg per Dr. prescription on Celexa.
I am definitely suffering withdrawal from Cymbalta.  What dose should I be taking of Celexa to help avoid withdrawal?  If both meds are SSRI, then why is withdrawal so bad?
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Call your prescribing doctor about this, he can best advise you on what to do.
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The withdrawal could just be from the difference in the chemical makeup of the Cymbalta and the Celexa even though both are an SSRI. My Doctor started me slowly on Celexa (30 mg) for 7 days and then upped me to 60 mg so the side effects wouldn't be so bad. Celexa was very good, but I started to lose a lot of weight on it so he switched me to Wellbutrin.

Just hang in there and keep taking your medicine as your doctor has prescribed. You'll get through it.

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