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Chantix causing depression?

I quit smoking just over three months ago and took Chantix for two months, stopping over a month ago.   I have never had a problem with depression or anxiety and I don't mean to suggest that my recent feelings ARE related to Chantix, but I am wondering.   I hae noticed my mood has changed over the past three months.  I snap at people in public and at work too.   I feel entirely overwelmed at work and recently I feel like simply quitting a career of 30 years with no viable plan for the future.  I NEED to work but feel entirely overwelmed, unable to focus and execute lately.    I haven't come up with a specific plan to actually kill myself, but the thought has crossed my mind as an option to how I feel.  

I have a PCP, who does little more than sit across the room and enter vitals into his computer.   Can anyone suggest something.   I feel so dark lately.
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First thing...stop the Chantix. Yes, in many people even those with no history of major depression Chantix is proven to have the potential to cause depression.

There are better ways to stop smoking than to alter your brain chemistry.
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You know this is a new medication and  a big risk I reckon to take something like this.

A friend of mine aged 51, he writes as a hobby and he started writing about killing himself etc ?  went off the deep end completely after champix treatment.  He turned on everyone, his wife and family.  It changed him in a shocking way.  Everyone thinks it is mid life crisis, and yes getting helthy and giving up cigarettes, it was time for that, but he went very depressed angry and blaming.  Then he gave champix up and went manic?
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Theres and Refractory,  I appreciate your insights.   I went to see my doctor this morning and like I told him, "the good news is that I stopped smoking...the bad news is that I now feel like killing myself."   (I'm being somewhat flip here, but my mood swings are like nothing I have ever encountered before).  

My doctor started me on zoloft today and referred me for counseling.   Good luck to anyone going on Chantix.   fred
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