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Citalopram and Weight Gain

I'm currently taking 20MG of Citalopram, once daily before bed.  I'm also taking Belladonna Alkaloids with PB- two tabs 4x daily for IBS.  

I had weight loss issues with the IBS symptoms- since a major side effect of Citalopram can be weight gain, is the fact that I'm merely holding weight now instead of losing it a result of Citalopram?  i.e. if I wasn't on it, would I still be losing weight?  I need to gain weight back, not lose or hold it.
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I'm taking 20MG of Citalopram as well, I've been taking it for about a year and a half now. I had always maintained my weight prior to taking this drug, and I didn't have any weight gain at all. I have IBS as well, but my DR recently added Wellbutrin and Buspar to my Citalopram and I'm actually starting to lose weight. So, if you're maintaining your weight right now, I'm not sure it's caused by the Citalopram. Everyone reacts differently to these medications, so if you need to build your weight back, talk to your doctor or maybe increase your calorie intake.
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