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Community Etiquette

I'd like to request the person overseeing this forum to please remind everyone of "Community Etiquette". It's worth a reminder to all of us of the rules, boundaries and limitations (Cesar Milan quote!) when we communicate in a public forum such as this.

Thanks and Merry Xmas and good health to all.
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I second that Toby

This is a place where we can express our feelings, so that we can move forward and find some new, healthier patterns of thinking, as well as knowing we aren't alone.

Have a Peaceful and Joyous Holidays,
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I would also would like to add that were not here to be spelling and punctuation critics.

I know the post that toby is reffering to and I honestly saw no problem with it. It made perfect sence to me and was easy to read. Even if it was not I would ask that people here do not bash others for spelling or wording errors.

I would hate to see this forum become a place were members have to worry about how they spell. We also have a lot of people that post here in which English is a second launguage for them. I would like them to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts the best they can.

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