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Im 14 yr old girl and for over a month now, ive just felt the need to cut my wrists. At first i was just sick of life; my friends had depression, i moved away from family, school dramas and iv always had self-esteem issues.

But now things have gotten better, although im still having troubles helping my depressed friend, and ill even feel normal thoughout the day, but as soon as i get home or by myself im still getting the urge to cut. I'm sick of hiding my arm under jumpers or layers of makeup to attempt covering it up and as much as ive tried to stop, i always end up cutting again.

I dont really know what im asking for but maybe if someone could give me advice? Or their opinion if i have a problem or not. Ill appreciate any advice.
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PLEASE tell a trusted adult that this is happening. You need counseling to learn better ways of coping. I started cutting when I was 14 and did it for a long time. I still struggle (I'm 36 now) but have stopped doing that. If you can't talk to your parents, maybe go to a school counselor.

I also looked up a hotline number for you. I have not had any experience with this number since I'm not a teen but I have called hotlines before and unless you are an immediate threat to yourself or others they aren't going to come find you or anything, they will just talk to you   1-800-DONTCUT (1-800-366-8288).
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Thank you for your advice and i think ill try and see my school counselor when i can.
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