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Cymbalta - Ageing Signs - Hair Loss

    I'm a 21 year old male who's been taking Cymbalta (duloxetine) for Depression/Headaches. I started off on 30mg and am now on 60mg. I noticed I am showing weird signs of premature ageing, I am lossing alot of hair of head and eyebrows, growing odd grey hairs and have developed a few wrinkles on my forehead and a little loose skin on my body. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed any of these side effects or if it could be something different causing it?
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I doubt that this is from the Cymbalta, and it may be that you don't even need the Cymbalta. Something is out of whack with your thyroid or something else in your endocrine system, which can also cause depression.  I would make an appt. to see an Endocrinologist ASAP. Let us know what you find out and take care.
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hi im 31 yrs old and was on cymbalta 8 yrs i developed white hair and cushings syndrome. I am also infertile now.
I have no idea if anyone is still looking at this very old post, a new post might get new answers if you have any questions.  It's hard to see how Cymbalta would cause you to get an odd tumor in the brain that messes up your adrenal gland.  It can mess up your adrenal gland for other reasons, as it affects how the brain uses norepinephrine, but Cushing's has a cause, which is a tumor in the pituitary gland.  I will say that this post was made 8 years ago, and I don't remember when Cymbalta got FDA approval to extend its patent to cover pain control, but at that time the drug was reviewed and was found to cause liver problems.  18 people were found to have died, I believe, which means the number of people with adverse liver effects from this drug could be very high.  The FDA just put out a warning about it.  It was interesting because the reports were out there but as usual, nobody was looking until the manufacturer asked for approval to treat additional things.  How liver toxic it is and to how many people I don't know, but if your liver isn't functioning optimally, a lot can go wrong.  Still wouldn't appear to have a connection to Cushing's Disease, though I'm not familiar with the disease other than its name and what it is.  Do you know of a connection?
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