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Cymbalta and Abilify - too much?

My 21-yo daughter who is diagnosed BPD and BiPolar with ADHD and Depression came home from the hospital doing wonderful on Cymbalta 120mg (which she had been on already) and added Abilify 5mg.  She is also prescribed .1mg Klonipin twice a day for anxiety.  They discharged her with Rx for Abilify 10mg.  She did really well for 2 months but is back to agitation, sleeping all day, depressed, etc.  She saw a new doctor who wrote rx for Abilify 15mg.  But I read the Cymbalta slows the liver processing of Abilify, leaving more in the blood, which causes an increase in the side effects.  
I honestly think she's on too much Cymbalta and feel her Abilify does not need to be increased, but rather decreased to what she was on when she left the hospital.
Any suggestions?
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