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Cymbalta question

My doctor wants to put me on Cymbalta for depression, anxiety and pain. I have read some bad things about it on the internet and a couple of good things. I really need some feedback before I start taking this drug. If any of you take this and don't mind telling me about your experience I would be MOST grateful. Thank you! Ggin35
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i was on cymbalta...and effexor before that.  they are both in the same  "family" of antidepressants.  they made me feel more depressed and made it harder for me to function than before i started taking them.  i too have read TONS of bad things on the internet about these two drugs.  but there are people who have had success w/ cymbalta.  antidepressants are a trial and error thing...plus they take a few weeks to "kick in" so you have to be on them for about a month (sometimes more or less) before deciding for or against them.  so i guess what i'm saying is that you should give it a try and stop reading all the bad reviews on the internet (i know that's hard!).  good luck!
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I was on cymbalta 30 mg it really helped me at that dose then they moved me up to 60mg and it made me feel sick at my stomach so they lowered it back to 30mg i was doing really well with it but i had to be taken off it because it was causing my liver enzymes to be elavated..you just will have to try it and c how it works you will never know untill you try it..

                              good luck to you

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I have been on Cymbalta for a year since my husband died. I think it has helped me, and so far I haven't had any side effects from it. Depression medication is trial and error, but that doesn't mean not to try! Good luck, depression sucks. But medication can make a great difference in your life and improve it a great deal.
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cymbalta is a miracle drug for me...i use it in combination with pain killers and it mixes to provide the right mix of relief...alone the narcotics don't work nearly as well...i swear by the stuff...when i first started it my doc warned me i would have 2 weeks of nausea but it would stop if i could make it through the 2 weeks...the nausea was bad but true to his word it stopped totally on the 15th day...i have been on pain killers since 2002 and none ever really helped sufficiently until cymbalta was added in the mix...works very well for my doctors paraplegic patients who have trouble getting pain relief as well...we all look to it as our miracle...i take 60mg once a day with yogurt
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I took a half of dose of the "starter" does because he couldn't possible put me on any higher dose of Geodon. ANd I couldn't **** for 12 hours had to goto the ER to be cathed. That was great fun. Too bad it didnt work i heard so may good things about it working for people.
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I have been taking Cymbalta (starting at 30 mg) for 5 days now... switching to 60 mg after one week. I noticed an effect IMMEDIATELY. Seriously, within minutes. There has been no depression at all for me since starting it. I can't explain it, but it's true. The only thing I don't like about it is I feel sleepy a lot of the day, but I can't sleep (take a nap). I take Lunesta 3 mg at night for sleep (have for several years -- what a wonderful sleep medication THAT is for me). I take the Cymbalta first thing in the morning. The odd thing is, my anxiety is also reduced. My husband has commented that he enjoys actually sitting on the sofa with me -- I usually have to be DOING something -- playing a game on the computer or SOMETHING. But not with Cymbalta. I really don't like the sleepy/fatigued feeling, and I can't imagine what that will be like when I DOUBLE the dose in a few days; but the absence of negative thoughts and depression are well worth it, at least at this point.
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